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Hack your window

A creative coding activity to re-imagine what we see through our windows

Hack your window

I came up with the idea of Hack Your Window during the pandemic lockdowns, as an example of a creative activity that families could do at home with their children, or as an activity that teachers could propose to their students when classes were virtual.

The idea is very simple. Since we could only see the world from the windows of our house, I proposed to reimagine what we were seeing, and to do so, the idea was to "hack" our windows using Scratch. In the following video, you can see some examples of #HackYourWindow projects.

To do this, we simply take a picture of a window of our house, from the inside, such as this one:

Then we upload it to Scratch, as a new character, and with the graphic editor we remove the parts where we want the action to take place.

Finally, we add other characters or scenarios and program an animation, a story, a game, or anything that comes to mind.

If you are new to Scratch, you can check out the tutorials on the platform.

And you can also check out the hashtag #HackYorWindows on Twitter for other videos with examples, related ideas or tangible and/or interactive versions of the activity.

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