The Tekhné Chair promotes the study, research and dissemination of knowledge at the intersection of the fields of Education, Technology and Human Development, it does this through the organization of training, research, debate and dissemination activities. The Chair aims to be the driving force behind an ecosystem that promotes transformative educational initiatives where technology and creativity go hand in hand in favour of social inclusion and values education.

Tekhné Chair


UdiGitalEdu is a research group at the University of Girona. Its team develops projects in the fields of Education, Technology and International Development with a multidisciplinary approach;  team members come from different research backgrounds, both from the Science&Technology and Humanities. UdiGitalEdu designs and implement learning experiences for children and teachers (activities, workshops, etc.) that combine Technology, Science and Art in order to encourage creativity, critical thinking and teamwork. 



DIVERSE is an Erasmus+ European project that aims to improve the management of diversity in the classroom and especially in classrooms with an increased number of children with refugee, migrant or minority background in their school environment. The project is based on storytelling and aims to adapt and upscale three methods of telling a story: Drama in Education, Folk Tales and Digital Storytelling.



Inventors4Change connects children from diffferent parts of the world and encourages them to become Agents of Change (changemakers) in their communities with the help of Technologies for Creative Learning and Collaborative Digital Storytelling. The idea is to provide children with tools, techniques and knowledge that let them invent the changes they want to see in the world. 



El Seminari Raimon Panikkar de Pensament Intercultural va néixer a finals del curs 2007-08. Vol ser un espai d’estudi i meditació, a partir del treball amb els textos de les grans tradicions de saviesa, com també del pensament contemporani dels diversos àmbits filosòfics amb una mirada intercultural. En sintonia amb la figura i obra de Raimon Panikkar, aquest seminari vol aconseguir un equilibri entre el necessari rigor acadèmic del treball intel·lectual, i una necessària i inevitable recerca interior i un creixement espiritual.

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Upcoming project: MonTech (starting January 2021)

MonTech project will foster social inclusion and equity in multicultural schools across Europe through highly innovative and engaging activities based on a new approach that blends the Montessori method with cutting-edge Maker Education learning experiences. It has the double objective of adapting Montessori to the new context of multicultural schools (schools with a significant amount of children with refugee/migrant/minority background) and updating it with modern but affordable digital tools/methods for schools with few economic resources.