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The projects I develop at the University of Girona emerge from the intersection of three main areas: Education, Technology and Development Cooperation.

Most of them are born from exploring new ways of using creative technologies for learning and teaching, with a special focus on impoverished communities and schools, and children from disadvantaged families.

The topics are (but not limited to): maker education, computational thinking, STEAM, creative computing, creative coding, tinkering, digital equity...

Ongoing projects and initiatives:

  • TEKHNÉ Chair of Technology, Thinking and Creative Learning.

  • Cokrea. A platform to promote the cocreation between schools. Collaborative Digital Storytelling + Creative Coding.

  • Collaboration with Casal dels Infants (Training on Technologies for Creative Learning).

  • BaskEUball (Basket Change Maker: play, include and educate). Basketball as a tool to promote inclusion together with Technologies for Creative Learning (Erasmus+).

  • Acadimia. The European Teacher Academy for Creative and Inclusive Learning coordinated (Erasmus+).

  • D-Paideia. The platform for Pedagogical Digital Competences as a key element for the Digital Transformation (Erasmus+)

  • Inventors4Change. Creative Computing for vulnerable communities in South India.


Past projects:

  • MonTech. A blended Montessori-Creative Technologies approach for successful inclusion in Multicultural Schools.

  • TalentMaker. Talent-Based Learning and Maker Education in the context of Hybrid Education after Covid-19.

  • Creative STEAM. Promoting the use of theatre techniques in secondary school education to increase the attractiveness of STEAM.

  • InventCat. Imagining new ways to promote co-creation and empathy between schools locally and internationally.

  • Scratch Education Collaborative (SEC - First Cohort).

  • DIVERSE. Promotion of democratic values and diversity in schools through Creative Drama, Fairy Tales and Digital Storytelling.

  • InventEUrs. ChangeMaker Education for the 21st Century: Engaging newly arrived migrants in Europe through Global Citizenship Education and Collaborative Digital Storytelling

  • SEDIN. Creative Methods for Successful Inclusion in Multicultural Schools.

  • PlayfulCoding / Early Mastery. Learn 2 Code & Code 2 Learn.

  • TIC TAC. A magnet school approach for schools with high rates of newly arrived migrant students in Girona and Salt.

Within the university, I also participate in projects that have nothing to do with the topics of the previous ones, for example the Raimon Panikkar Seminar of Intercultural Thought, which revolves around philosophy and spirituality.

In addition, apart from the University of Girona, I often collaborate in projects and initiatives of the Open University of Catalonia, mostly designing educational materials related to creative coding for the arts.

And on a personal level, I have some literary projects underway. I published a book of poetry in September 2022: La cova del cor (Voliana Edicions, 2022).

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