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Dec 19, 2014


Una estada curta però intensa. Amb moments durs, com amb les nenes del carrer, al voltant de l'Agara Temple. Moments complicats, com la mossegada d'un gos a Lower Agaram Road. Moments alegres, com els de les visites d'amics o els de les trobades amb ex-alumnes. Moments emocionants, com el sopar amb en Rajini i la Karthika. Moments de reflexió, llegint Panikkar o arreglant el món amb l'Eric de Chile. Moments de satisfacció, quan pots tenir una petita conversa en Hindi. Moments de gaudi, com els concerts i els balls a les escoles. Moments "lost in translation", com per exemple amb el barber de 5th Cross Road. Moments de converses sense paraules, aquelles estones amb la Preetha. Moments d'aprenentatge, a tot arreu i a tota hora. Moments d'esglai, quan veus una serp a pocs metres del teu dormitori. Moments de feina intensa, durant els tallers i les activitats amb els nens. Moments saborosos, tot esmorzant masala dosa, poori o idli. Moments d'estrés, enmig de la jungla urbana de Bangalore. Moments de riure fins a plorar, sopant amb els més petitons. Moments d'orgull, al veure com estan de preparats els alumnes seniors. Moments contemplatius, sotjant les estrelles de Shanti Bhavan, els rangolis de Koramangala, o observant jugar els corbs des de l'ombra d'un arbre...

Dec 12, 2014

Santa and Rudolph reach Tamil Nadu

Yesterday at Shanti Bhavan we celebrated Christmas in advance (next Sunday the children leave school for winter break). Although no religion is taught in this school, major holidays are respected and celebrated. Christians are found all across India, with major populations in parts of South India. 

The evening was full of carols, followed by games and activities organized by the students of the eleventh grade. Tamil Nadu does not escape globalization, and we even had a small Santa Claus on stage. We also had an special dinner that was delicious.

My contribution to the celebration consisted of a Santa & Rudolph robot that delighted the little ones at the school.  

Below you can see some photos of the celebration and a video of the robot surrounded by children singing Jingle Bells.

Dec 11, 2014

Shanti Bhavan (Robotic) Football Team

Yesterday some kids of Shanti Bhavan built robotic footballers with LEGO Wedo and Scratch. There were three types of robots: goal kicker, goal keeper and the cheerful fans.

Of course, after building and program, the kids played with the robots, and they organized some penalty shootouts.

Another nice activity where you can see children engaged and having fun while learning!

Dec 9, 2014

Star Wars at Shanti Bhavan

Today at Shanti Bhavan school a LEGO WeDO robot inspired by Star Wars AT-ST Walker (I took the building instructions at: demo.robocamp.eu) caused surprise, curiosity and lots of fun within the first and second classes.

A nice way to explain the operation of motors and sensors, and also to explain how difficult it is to build robots that can walk.

Enjoy the video! :)

Dec 8, 2014

New robotic creatures invade Shanti Bhavan

This week at Shanti Bhavan in the afternoons I'm working with a mixed group of kids from different grades (6th and up). It's an after-school volunteer activity and the kids are really motivated. 

Today we started with a low-cost robotics workshop. In no time the kids modified bristle-bots and created all kinds of robotic creatures (with tooth brushes, button cells, vibrator motors and sticks), some really amazing! Spiders, helicopters, spacecraft battles...

This week is promising! 

Dec 6, 2014

Social network experiment with 4th graders

A few days ago I asked the fourth graders of Shanti Bhavan if they knew what is a social network. No one knew, but when I asked if they knew what is Facebook all said yes! (not because they use it, of course, but because they have heard or have seen through their older classmates, teachers and volunteers)

To explain the concept of social network and show them that nowadays we are all very interconnected, we did an experiment. We shared in my Facebook wall a photo of Prathana asking people to share the post and comment where they were, just to see how far does her picture travel in few days.

The result is amazing. In three days the publication has been shared 258 times, and we have comments from around the world. We counted over 20 different countries in different continents and hundreds of cities and villages. Prathana and her classmates are amazed with the list, which continues to grow. The first comment came from Borneo! (Thanks Prameela!)

Dec 5, 2014

4th graders make LEGO WeDo robots

After underwater robots, bristle-bots and Scratch, today the 4th graders of Shanti Bhavan made LEGO WeDo robots and then programmed them with Scratch. Most of them had never played with LEGO, but they managed to build the robots very well and very fast.

With their previous experience with Scratch, programming was also very quick, and a part of moving the robots, they immediately began to program interactions between virtual characters and the physical robots.

Dec 3, 2014

Dec 2, 2014

4th graders make bristle-bots at Shanti Bhavan

After underwater robots now is the time to return to the surface and start making other kind of robots, first with low-cost materials and then with LEGO. 

The 4th graders enjoyed a great time while building the bristle-bots. Shanti Bhavan kids are awesome, they never cease to amaze me!

In this short video you can see how is a robotics class at a rural school in South India. Basically, like in any other school in the world: children engaged and having fun while learning :)

Dec 1, 2014

Trying to understand

I have worked in several schools for underserved children in South India and something that I think is important for a volunteer is to try to understand the reality in which these children are immersed. If I have the opportunity I always try to visit their villages and homes, and meet their families. I did it with some children of Shanti Bhavan, and also with children of Forkids-PVS. Now I have had the opportunity with children of Parikrma Humanity Foundation.

Last Sunday with my colleagues of the University of Girona we were having a walk within some slums around Parikrma Centre for Learning in Koramangala and we met by chance Sangeetha, one of my students there. She immediately became our guide and showed us her neighborhood, she introduced us to her friends, and invited us to her house, where we met her nice family, originary from Tamil Nadu.

To see the unsanitary living conditions in the slums make you realize the importance of the work of Parikrma. Our guide Sangeetha wants to become a journalist, and this is now a feasible ambition, but without the help of Parikrma this would not have been possible and she is fully aware of that. Although she belongs to a poor family she is a privileged compared to many children in her neighborhood who do not have the same luck and do not go to school.

The visit was a good way to end the trip for my colleagues. They have already left but I'll still be working in India for two weeks.

Nov 27, 2014

Underwater robotics at Shanti Bhavan? Yeah!!

Today has been a busy day for our UdiGitalEdu team at Shanti Bhavan. We conducted an incredible underwater robotics workshop in a fountain at the school. 

An amazing activity considering that we are in a rural area of South India. The robot is made with low cost materials by high school kids in Catalonia. Shanti Bhavan children teleoperated the underwater vehicle and learned concepts of robotics and physics. They also used an underwater camera and a monitor to view what was happening under the water. Tomorrow we will repeat the experience with more kids.

We truly believe in the power of robotics to encourage creativity, critical thinking and teamwork.

Coming back to Shanti Bhavan

I never get tired of coming back to Shanti Bhavan. The way from Bangalore to the school is always very special, and when you arrive and you hear a lot of kids calling you «Hi Edu!» is very emotional. This is my 7th time at the school and I'm bringing with me two colleagues of UdiGitalEdu (Jordi and Xevi).

For them is the first visit to the school and yesterday we spent some time exploring the campus and visiting some classes. We also conducted an activity of "unplugged computer science" with the forth graders, and we started preparing the underwater robotics workshop.

Nov 26, 2014

See you next time Parikrma!

Our last day at Parikrma Centre for Learning in Jayanagar we conducted two activities: an unplugged computer science workshop (how to program robots without robots), and a Scratch workshop about how to make computer games.

It was a farewell but only temporary because from January a group of students from two Parikrma schools (Koramangala and Jayanagar) will participate in the new edition of Inventors4Change project, where they will collaborate online with children in Catalonia.

Nov 24, 2014

Underwater robotics in Koramangala

This afternoon the UdiGitalEdu team in India (Xevi Cufí, Jordi Freixenet and I) conducted an underwater robotics workshop for the children of Parikrma Centre for Learning in Koramangala (Bangalore). It was held in the swimming pool of the Koramangala Club.


For us it's been a challenge to do this activity in India and we are very happy with the result. Children were able to teleoperate a low-cost underwater vehicle, they discovered how it works, and they learned some robotics concepts like remote operation, and also some simple physics concepts like buoyancy. During the activity children have been challenged to perform some cooperative tasks, like retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool and bring them to the surface, by using the robot, a cam and a monitor.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.