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Promoting creative learning, critical thinking, and empathy
by embracing technology as a medium of expression.

As a designer of creative learning experiences, my journey is rooted in Computer Engineering and Development Cooperation, driven by a profound passion for the Arts and Humanities. I devote my efforts to projects that weave together art, technology, and science, crafting creative learning experiences for children and young people. My efforts are particularly focused on supporting vulnerable communities.

Currently, I work at the University of Girona, where I teach Technology to pre-service teachers at the Faculty of Education, and where I design and implement creative computing activities for children and young people from all over the world, within the framework of projects promoted by the UdiGitalEdu Research Group and the TEKHNÉ Chair.

Beyond my professional work, I venture into the realm of poetry. In September 2022, I unveiled 'La cova del cor' (Voliana Edicions 2022), a collection of poems written in Catalan over a decade. This work captures the essence of my experiences and reflections during my travels and residencies in India. 

I am perpetually on the lookout for opportunities to connect, learn, and co-create with others. If you see a pathway for collaboration, I invite you to reach out.

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Email: eduard [dot] muntaner [at] udg [dot] edu

CV or resume available upon request.

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