8 de set. 2015

10 years. 10 photos. Number 3: Bagepalli

In continuing the series of posting 10 photos of my travels in India for the last 10 years, here I share a picture taken in summer 2008.

That summer I spent two months in Bagepalli, a town in Karnataka, 100 Km north of Bangalore. It was my second experience as a volunteer (after my first experience in Shanti Bhavan). 

During those weeks I was in charge of the computer classes and some math and physics classes at Pragathi Vidya Samsthe School, an educational project for underprivileged children of PVS, a local nonprofit organisation which have the support of a catalan NGO: Forkids.

Some of the children attending the school live in nearby villages, as the children in the picture (homework time!). I remember fondly that summer in Bagepalli and the villages around. Intense days in classes and relaxing evenings playing with the kids after school. It is curious how those early experiences were recorded much deeper than later visits to India. I still remember the name of the children in the photo.

Those days I was staying with Ali and Latha, directors of PVS. They treated me like a family member. I have visited them several times during my subsequent trips, and I hope to visit them again next time!