31 de maig 2015

10 years

Next November will be 10 years since I landed in India for the first time. It will also be 10 years since I write blogs. 10 years since I first stood in front of a class of children in Shanti Bhavan. 10 years teaching programming and robotics to children. 10 years thinking about how we learn and how we can do better. 10 years reflecting on educational technology and global citizenship education. 

Some of those children, that first class, are just about to graduate this year (Preetha, Naveen, Nandini...). So somehow, for me, this year is an end of a cycle. 

After 10 years, my work in schools in India and Catalonia has crystallized in the form of a project that I mentioned earlier in this blog, but now for the first time, I can show you a video of the initiative we are promoting from UdiGitalEdu.

Thank you very much to the schools that participated the last two years in the pilots of Inventors4Change: Shanti Bhavan, Parikrma, Carme Auguet, Veïnat, Institut de Gurb.

This decade is just the beginning!