1 de des. 2014

Trying to understand

I have worked in several schools for underserved children in South India and something that I think is important for a volunteer is to try to understand the reality in which these children are immersed. If I have the opportunity I always try to visit their villages and homes, and meet their families. I did it with some children of Shanti Bhavan, and also with children of Forkids-PVS. Now I have had the opportunity with children of Parikrma Humanity Foundation.

Last Sunday with my colleagues of the University of Girona we were having a walk within some slums around Parikrma Centre for Learning in Koramangala and we met by chance Sangeetha, one of my students there. She immediately became our guide and showed us her neighborhood, she introduced us to her friends, and invited us to her house, where we met her nice family, originary from Tamil Nadu.

To see the unsanitary living conditions in the slums make you realize the importance of the work of Parikrma. Our guide Sangeetha wants to become a journalist, and this is now a feasible ambition, but without the help of Parikrma this would not have been possible and she is fully aware of that. Although she belongs to a poor family she is a privileged compared to many children in her neighborhood who do not have the same luck and do not go to school.

The visit was a good way to end the trip for my colleagues. They have already left but I'll still be working in India for two weeks.