6 de des. 2014

Social network experiment with 4th graders

A few days ago I asked the fourth graders of Shanti Bhavan if they knew what is a social network. No one knew, but when I asked if they knew what is Facebook all said yes! (not because they use it, of course, but because they have heard or have seen through their older classmates, teachers and volunteers)

To explain the concept of social network and show them that nowadays we are all very interconnected, we did an experiment. We shared in my Facebook wall a photo of Prathana asking people to share the post and comment where they were, just to see how far does her picture travel in few days.

The result is amazing. In three days the publication has been shared 258 times, and we have comments from around the world. We counted over 20 different countries in different continents and hundreds of cities and villages. Prathana and her classmates are amazed with the list, which continues to grow. The first comment came from Borneo! (Thanks Prameela!)