12 de des. 2014

Santa and Rudolph reach Tamil Nadu

Yesterday at Shanti Bhavan we celebrated Christmas in advance (next Sunday the children leave school for winter break). Although no religion is taught in this school, major holidays are respected and celebrated. Christians are found all across India, with major populations in parts of South India. 

The evening was full of carols, followed by games and activities organized by the students of the eleventh grade. Tamil Nadu does not escape globalization, and we even had a small Santa Claus on stage. We also had an special dinner that was delicious.

My contribution to the celebration consisted of a Santa & Rudolph robot that delighted the little ones at the school.  

Below you can see some photos of the celebration and a video of the robot surrounded by children singing Jingle Bells.

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najoana ha dit...

Increïble robot! Fantàstic!
Penja'l al xat familiar que els encantarà . Somriures preciosos + alta tecnologia.....mai fallarà!
Aquest video és una bona nadala !