19 de nov. 2014

The magic of #Scratch

Every time I show for the first time Scratch to a group of children is a very special moment. When they discover that they can make their characters do what they want is a kind of magic. Spontaneous motivation and engagement occurs. Today in Parikrma School in Jayanagar I had this feeling. 

These children come from various slums surrounding the school. They belong to very poor families and none of them have computers at home. But their reactions in front of Scratch are the same as those of any child from a family with resources. I have conducted literally hundreds of Scratch workshops in different countries and environments, and the reactions are always very similar. It is the magic of Scratch.

3 comentaris:

Gemma ha dit...

Enhorabona per un projecte tan engrescador com enriquidor.
Bona feina, Edu!

Eduard Muntaner Perich ha dit...

Gràcies Gemma! :)

najoana ha dit...

Bon projecte i molt bon professor !!