5 de nov. 2014

Robots invade Parikrma Centre for Learning in Koramangala

This week I'm conducting workshops for a group of children (grades 5-8) at the Parikrma Centre for Learning in Koramangala (Bangalore). The Parikrma Humanity Foundation attempts to transform lives of under-served children from the slums of Bangalore through top-class education and in the process they want to be a catalyst for effecting fundamental change in the way the poor and the marginalized are educated. 

Their vision is perfectly aligned with that of UdiGitalEdu, the research group of the University of Girona to which I belong.

My work here is not about teaching robotics or programming, as it could seem, but about fostering creativity, critical thinking and teamwork. Of course if children learn robotics and coding that would be welcome too! The participating children in these workshops will be involved from next January in the Inventors4Change project, where they will collaborate through the Internet with children from Catalonia, by making collaborative projects with Scratch.

Today we started with a fun activity that involves making "bristlebots" and "drawingbots". 

It's very simple. If you want to replicate it, all you need is: toothbrushes, plastic glasses, sketches, tape, vibrator motors and button batteries. At the end of the post I'm embedding a video from Evil Mad Scientist where you can see all the process.