10 de nov. 2014

Parikrma children make their own computer games with Scratch

During the past three sessions Parikrma children in Koramangala have been learning Scratch, and with just few hours they are already programming their own games. 

Among the amazing games they are making, there are mazes, platform games, a version of the flappy bird, or a game about Ironman!

Stay tuned! I'll share some of their creations.

4 comentaris:

Anònim ha dit...

Great!! ;-)
Bones des de Girona

Associació Pont Solidari al Món ha dit...

These children has born with their brain full of bits, just they need to awake them. Good job Eduard!

Eduard Muntaner Perich ha dit...

Gràcies, Thank you!

Carmina ha dit...

Nice work!