29 d’ag. 2014

Shanti Bhavan children travel the world

During my last trip to USA I had the opportunity to meet Mahesh and Prathibha, two graduates of Shanti Bhavan School. They were attending the 3rd She’s the First Summit in New York City, held at Microsoft headquarters. It’s an event about leadership where students who lead chapters of She's the First spend some days of intense inspiration, networking, training, and skill-building that powers one goal: to achieve education equality worldwide in our lifetime. 

It was great to see them and talk again after some years. They were among my first students when I first went to India in 2005. 

We had a delicious lunch at a thai restaurant in Brooklyn, with Christen Brandt, Cofounder/Director of International Operations at She's the First. 

It is the third time I meet students of Shanti Bhavan outside India. I spent a few days with Rajini in Girona, Catalonia (Spain) in 2013, and some months ago I went to Milano (Italy) to meet Hannah, Bhuvaneshwari, Harish and Vijay. It's great to see children with such special backgrounds, become citizens of the world.

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Rajini ha dit...

Oh Edu! There's nothing like having a friend like you! I miss Girona and your wonderful parents! Thank you for your commitment to the SB kids. It's precious!

Eduard Muntaner Perich ha dit...

Thank you Rajini!

I'll probably be in Bangalore soon :) I'll keep you informed!