31 de maig 2014

Why do I love Tamil Nadu so much?

There are many reasons why I love Tamil Nadu, and the first is Shanti Bhavan, but the purpose of this post is to share a beautiful video by Tamil Nadu Tourism Department. If you travel to India do not miss the south. 

27 de maig 2014

Fractura digital

Feia temps que no mirava al Google Analytics el mapa de les visites que arriben al meu blog. La imatge sobre aquestes línies és de les visites des de desembre del 2007 fins avui. 

Espanya és el país des d'on me n'arriben més, i per això es veu d'un blau més fort. Impressiona però el color gris pàl·lid que encara domina a l'Àfrica, des d'on arriben poquíssimes visites. És un mapa que només fa referència al meu blog, però s'hi veu clarament la persistent fractura digital que existeix al món.

El segon país que més visites fa al meu blog és EUA (on guanya Arizona, seguida de prop per Califòrnia).

El tercer és l'Índia, fet gens sorprenent tenint en compte la temàtica del blog. El quart i el cinquè potser són més curiosos: Indonèsia i Mèxic.

Les ciutat no-espanyoles que més visites porten al blog són Tempe (Arizona), Ciutat de Mèxic i Bangalore.

Girona i Barcelona empaten al capdavant de les catalanes.

19 de maig 2014

Happy 40th Birthday, Rubik's Cube!

Today Google Doodle is honouring Rubik's Cube on its 40th birthday by allowing users to try to solve a virtual cube. The Rubik’s Cube was invented back in 1974 by the Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Ernő Rubik.

I've been a fan of this puzzle for years, and I always carry it with me in my travels and my volunteer trips. When I visit Shanti Bhavan I always bring some cubes. Somehow I could say I've been an ambassador for this toy worldwide. At UdiGital.edu we have a LEGO Rubik solver and we use it very often in our robotics workhops for children.

I really think Rubik's Cube is a good teaching resource that can help with geometry, algebra, algorithms, direction-following, memorization, problem solving, perseverance, and it also gives students a sense of accomplishment. 

Long live Rubik's Cube!

A good puzzle, it's a fair thing. Nobody is lying. It's very clear, and the problem depends just on you. Ernő Rubik.

9 de maig 2014

Where you lead

One of the interesting things about volunteering abroad is the range of people that you meet. Some days ago I shared a TEDxTalk given by Yazmany, a volunteer I met at Shanti Bhavan School. During his last visit to Shanti Bhavan he was recording a video for a project of ASTEP (Artists Striving To End Poverty), an organization with which he collaborates. 

I had the great fortune to spend a whole day with him, other volunteers and some school children, in Hosur and surrounding locations. He recorded scenes with children singing the song Where you lead (Carole King). It was a fun day, and full of anecdotes. 

After a few months and thanks to the work of many people, ASTEP has shared this video, which has been filmed in many places, not only in India as you will see. The result is spectacular. 

Enjoy and share!