25 de gen. 2013

Shanti Bhavan meets Girona


When I worked as a volunteer at Shanti Bhavan was hard to imagine that some of those kids could get to travel the world and visit me in my country. But that is precisely what has happened in recent days.

Rajini, who is studying law at the National Law School of India University in Bangalore, got a grant to travel to Europe and attend the kick off of the third interuniversity LawWithoutWalls course in Segovia, and I invited him to spend a few days in Catalonia at my home. 

It was a pleasure to show my city and my university to one of those kids who few years ago listened to me with great interest, when I spoke about Girona in the morning assembly of Shanti Bhavan, an amazing educational project for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children of India. We visited the Costa Brava, the old town of Girona, the Dalí Museum in Figueres, and the Science & Technology Park of the University of Girona. He even helped me in some of the robotics workshops I've conducted these days. 

Shanti Bhavan is beginning to reap the rewards of the hard work that has been done during many years. There are three school batches that are already in college, and some alumni are starting to get their first jobs. 

When I met him for the first time, Rajini was only 13. He was a kid with an overwhelming desire to learn and he never ran out of questions. Now he is 20 years old and has become a bright young man with many ideas and projects. I wish him much success in everything.

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El viatge dels Rodamons ha dit...

Quantes voltes dóna la vida...
És emocionant!

Eduard Muntaner Perich ha dit...

Sí, va ser una trobada molt bonica! :)