24 de maig 2012

Good news from Shanti Bhavan

Today I received a letter from the founder of Shanti Bhavan, Dr Abraham M. George, with good news about the 12th grade students. Let me share an excerpt:
I am pleased to share good news on the results of the highly competitive, national ISC exams. All of our 12th grade students passed with “First Class” marks for the third year in a row. Additionally, for the fifth consecutive year, our entire 10th grade scored “First Class” in the ICSE exams, continuing Shanti Bhavan’s tradition of excellence.

These are unprecedented results for children from impoverished socio-economic backgrounds and historic deprivation. It is a shining example of what the Shanti Bhavan model can accomplish, and proof that our unique and innovative approach is attaining its goals. Our children have worked hard and overcome many obstacles to live up to your faith and support for them. All they need now is your continued support to ensure they can go on to college.

It is an exciting and moving time for the entire school: Shanti Bhavan’s 12th grade class will graduate on June 10th, 2012. Our children have been with us for the last 14 years and are now entering the next chapter in their lives.

Our children are busy applying to some of the top colleges in India. Divya who comes from a family torn by alcoholism aspires to become a lawyer to help those in need. Praveen, whose father died and whose mother abandoned him, now dreams of healing others as a doctor. And Jancy, who was raised by her mother alone in poverty, plans on combining her passion for art and design to create a business of her own after college. In the coming days, read their stories and those of their classmates on our website.

Abraham M. George, Founder

Please consider donating to the project. They welcome all levels of donations – one-time, monthly/periodic, child sponsorship and material assistance. 

In the photo above, some of the students who will graduate on June 10th (Praveen, Nivya, Saritha and Francis) when they were in tenth grade.