8 de març 2011

I come from the dull brown of my mother’s eyes...

Avui, Dia Internacional de la Dona, comparteixo un poema de la Preetha, una de les meves alumnes a Shanti Bhavan. L’han publicat al blog de She’s the First, i és un tribut a la seva mare. Que el disfruteu!

I come from the dull brown of my mother’s eyes
Watching over me while my eyes seek darkness,
Her warmth throwing me back to reality,
I come from the love of my mother’s tight, long embrace,

I am the answer for her pain,
That increases the lines etched upon her face,
These lines that spill her sufferings out during her troubled, restless nights,
These lines that push me further to lift her hunched shoulders,
Lift her bowed head toward my never fading light and ease her pain,

I am the shooting star,
I am the soaring chariot,
I am the sparkling dust of a falling star,
I am the unstoppable racer,
I am who I am because of her.

One day I will wipe from her face the waterfall of hopelessness,
And replace it with the river of hope and salvation.
I’ll make her dip her bruised, scarred body in it and make her forget her troubled past.
One day I will show the world I am that girl
Who shoots bullets into the sky,
And makes doorways of freedom, hope and relief,
Not only for my mother but for all those out there who are in need.

Preetha, 8th grade, Shanti Bhavan (Índia)