24 de febr. 2011

Shanti Bhavan's 2011 Graduates

Let me write this post in English. Thus, it may be read by my friends from India. Soon, another class will graduate in Shanti Bhavan. When I met these kids for the first time they were in 7th grade, now they are in 12th grade and they are ready to go to college.

I'm glad I was able to teach them computer science, mathematics and even robotics and basketball. The last time I saw them, they were already young adults, well prepared and mature, taking into account their age.

Here are some photos of these kids (click on them for bigger versions). You can see how they have changed over the years. They form a cohesive group, very charismatic. I wish them a bright future, and I hope to meet them in a near future.

Shanti Bhavan is, at present, sharing their personal stories through its web. I invite you all to read their statements, and please consider making a donation.

Good luck to all of you: Abilash, Amrutha, Arun, Chaithra, Gowtham, Karthika, Kavitha, Lily, Manikantan, Pavithra, Poovarasan, Ramesh, Shilpa, Tara, Triveni and Vijay.